Click here to donate to the White Clover Grange’s Building Fund!

The historic White Clover Grange Hall is turned 100 years old in 2021. Our top priority is the maintenance, repair, and revival of our beautiful and historic Grange Hall. Recent major projects include the installation of a new roof and a new UV water treatment system, restoration of our historic main hall windows, and other smaller repairs and upgrades.

In 2021, our major fundraising brought in over $10,000 and allowed us to complete upgrade of the kitchen’s electrical system and we are still working to upgrade the rest of the building’s electrical systems. In particular, allowing for the installation of a commercial dishwasher/sanitizer, so that we can provide an “Event Kit” rental service to provide dishes, glassware, silverware, and cloth napkins for rental for community events. The project also included many safety upgrades to windows and doors, and much more. These upgrades will also make us a much better venue for future community events. We could not have accomplished preserving this building without generous donations. THANK YOU! This truly is the community’s Grange Hall, and all members are volunteers felt encouraged by the community show of support. And as a century-old building, we are continue to identify maintenance projects. Click here to donate!

All donations will go into our Building Maintenance Fund to provide for the ongoing repair, upgrade, and maintenance of the White Clover Grange Hall.

Please note that the White Clover Grange is a 501(c)(8) organization and not a 501(c)(3) and therefore your donation is not tax deductible.

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