Hall Rentals

White Clover Grange Hall Rentals


Contact Emily Dana by phone at 503-300-9062 or email at emily@nehalemtel.net

If you do not receive a response, contact Marie Scovell by phone at 503-368-5674 or email at m_scovell@hotmail.com

See Rental Rates Here: Rental Rates

Learn More About the Hall Here: Building Facilities

Download the Rental Agreement: Rental Agreement (Word)

Proof of insurance is required for all rentals and must accompany the rental form and payment. Renters can use homeowners insurance for liability insurance coverage. Below are links to some companies past renters have used for insurance. Please note that we do not endorse or make any guarantees about these companies.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Alcohol allowed?   A certificate of Liquor Liability permit is required if alcohol is to be at the event. This certificate must be received before the day of your event.
  2. How many people does the grange hall hold? The upstairs hall has a capacity of about 120 people at any given time. There are 100 chairs available at the grange and more can be obtained from other locations.
  3. How many plates, glasses, and utensils are available?  The kitchen and dining room are downstairs. The kitchen has 60-80 plates, 20-30 glasses,  20 bowls, and utensils for 40.
  4. How many tables and chairs are available?  There are 5 8′ tables downstairs with chairs.   There are 11-8′ and 13- 6′ folding tables upstairs, 2 – 9′ tables downstairs, 6 card tables, and 100 chairs.

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