Mission and History


The Grange, whose official name is  “The Patrons of Husbandry”, is a non-profit fraternal organization whose roots are in agriculture.

  • It is an advocate for rural America that does not endorse or support political parties or candidates.
  •  A community meeting place for education, fellowship, and fun.
  •  A connection for vibrant resilient communities – coming together around issues of food and agriculture.


The White Clover Grange Hall started out as the Mohler Grade School. It was built and designed by A. E. Doyle, a Portland architect, in 1921. The grange needed a home and the school system had outgrown the building, so in 1932 it became the new home for the White Clover Grange.


  • Preserve our historic grange hall as a community resource and meeting place
  • Collaborate with 4-H and other local organizations to support farming and related activities
  • Support and encourage local food security and sustainability
  • Respect the past and promote the future of farming in the Lower Nehalem Valley
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